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Wordpress Site Development

Let us give you the convenience of a Wordpress blog and website with all of its easy to use add-ons, and no hassle or complex installation. Blogging software installed on your hosting, you have complete control over Wordpress. We also provide custom Wordpress themes, but also provide complete Wordpress web solutions. Whether you need a blog or corporate website, Wordpress is a convenient solution. We'll build you a custom Wordpress theme, install Wordpress on your server, set up any modules desired, then point your domain to your new blog website. You're in business.

You'll have a custom turnkey installation, all for a reasonable rate. Why Wordpress? WordPress is an open-source personal publishing platform that is easy to use, flexible, and highly customizable. Although used primarily for publishing blogs, WordPress can easily be used to create and maintain complete Web sites. WordPress allows bloggers to create more complicated sites with open-source technology and some great features:

  • Can be Locally or remotely installed
  • Portable Core
  • Control access to different features
  • User Profiles
  • Fast installs & upgrades (less expensive for you)
  • Dynamic page generation
  • RSS Feeds
  • Permalinks
  • Template Tags
  • A plethora of plug ins
  • Password protection
  • Post to the future
  • Categories
  • Preview Posts
  • Bookmarklets
  • Archiving
  • Searching
  • Comment, word, IP address & Link Moderation
  • Importing & Exporting OPML links
  • Media Albums
  • Spam Filtering
  • Easy Embedding of Video
  • Basic Image editing
  • Post Thumbnails
  • Custom Image Sizes
  • Photostream
  • Bulk Imports
  • Affiliate & Google Adsense friendly
  • Metadata (SEO friendly)
  • Well supported open source code

And if that's not enough, Wordpress works well as a content managment system and is very search engine friendly, so you'll spend less time optimizing for Search Engines. You'll have an instant audience with RSS feeds and it's extendable with many add-on features available. A Wordpress website can take you from "blog" to full-fledged website without a lot of expensive investment. It's even quite affiliate friendly so can generate income for your business and pay for itself over time. While Wordpress started out as a blogging tool, it's become a very robust content management system as well.

Some quite large names use Wordpress as the basis for their websites including:

Building a Wordpress blog or website won't cost a fortune, and you will be in some pretty impressive company. Large corporations choose Wordpress because of it's extensibility and easy to use interface. We'd like you to be our next "big kahuna" in Wordpress circles.

We can set you up with any kind of Wordpress website - from a simple blog to a full-blown Content Management Solution quite reasonably. Contact us for a ballpark quote at 517-518-6088 based on your needs.

Our support doesn't end when the Wordpress website is complete. We are always here to answer questions about the web site, it's hosting, domain and take care of your website maintenance needs. We offer several outstanding and inexpensive plans to keep any site up-to-date. We'll let you know when software updates become available to protect your site from hackers and malware.
Development will progress at a pace you feel comfortable with. While Wordpress is fairly easy to use, we can provide tutoring either online, or in person to help you learn to use your new Content Management and blogging system. There are mainly two phases to creating your site. The design phase where we create the Wordpress Template design and it's unique look and feel, and the development phase where we configure and program the blogging and website software.

Building a Wordpress Blog People Want to Read
Building a Wordpress Blog People Want to Read

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