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It's all in the Details

We keep it simple - the estimate is based on what you tell us you need done. However, we've often found that the scope changes as the project progresses - sometimes expanding and sometimes contracting. So you are able to expand or contract your project easily as needed, we bill monthly after the initial retainer is used up. All work is done at our hourly rate of $95/hr. We give a generous non profit discount to bona-fide 501(c) non profit organizations for all work done the first year.

All work performed by and all quotes rendered by C O'Malley & Associates LLC are governed by the following terms and conditions:

Payment and Deposit

We accept Visa, Master Card, AMEX and Discover both online and by phone. We accept both company and personal checks, PayPal, and money orders.

Binding Quotes

In Special cases for binding or written quotes: If you ask us to give you a binding or written quote we may require a non-refundable deposit of $100 which will be applied to job cost should you decide to have us do the job. This small fee helps to keep our costs down by assuring that the party asking for the quote is serious and prepared.

Work Scheduling

Emergency work takes precedence over all other work and is scheduled on a first-come first-served basis. You would want the same treatment if your web site were down or severely limping, so please be understanding if our assistance to those who are in dire need causes small delays in your project. Emergencies are defined as situations in which a customer web site is unusable or severely performance challenged such that it does not function. This means that a technical problem exists and does not include a missing feature or a missing functionality that would improve the site.

All other work will be scheduled based on agreement between you and C O'Malley & Associates LLC, and will be scheduled to best fit the needs of all clients.

Software Ownership

Generally any scripting we have developed specifically for you belongs to you. However we may, in building solutions for you, utilize or adapt copyrighted works under license in which case we will transfer license to you for any components subject to license which are included in your project.

Complete terms and conditions will be included in the contract.

Contact Info

subs. of C O'Malley & Associates LLC

Located in Trenary, MI 49891 in the UP

Phone: (517) 518-6088


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Rate Structure

No two websites are the same. We make sure your website is as unique as you are and strive to bring a personality and clean design to every project we do.

We offer many sales and special offers to help out tight budgets. When the economy is slow it's even more important than ever you continue to advertise - and updating and maintaining your website is the most economical way to advertise out there!!

These rates are to give you an estimate of what it may cost to create a new website. Our hourly rate is $95/hr for XHTML/CSS coding, database/programming/scripting and graphic design work. If programming is extensive, complex or requires custom work, it's more.

We have no minimum, however, it's unlikely you will get anything more than a very basic business site for less than $900. What you can typically get for this amount is:

  • An in-depth site need analysis obtained though a phone or email interview with you
  • the planning and organization of the site structure
  • custom design development
  • navigation
  • style sheets
  • One design concept that can be modified with your input
  • as many pages as can be done with remaining hours of the initial $900 (usually 4-6)
  • No CMS, no database, no extras

Neither of these include hosting or a domain name which is additional and must be compatible with the type of website you choose to build. This price is meant to give you an idea of what the minimum charge will be for a web site. We work hourly only, except for a few fixed-rate packages here. If after starting the site, you decide to make changes to the initial plans, that is no problem, but the amount charged will reflect those changes. We try very hard to stay with our initial estimate of cost, when you stay within your estimate of work to be done.

Shopping cart setup, static or database driven web sites: These features can vary widely depending on your exact needs, cart selected, hosting features, number of products, complexity of products, number of products you want us to enter vs. you will enter yourself, complexity of credit card processing, and many many other factors. A typical business e-commerce site tends to start at about $1800. There are less expensive options, usually best for very small businesses or start-ups, and we'd be happy to talk to you about these.

Pages that allow you to update text and photos/images from your web browser: $100 - $1,200 depending upon the type of changes you'll want to make and the complexity of the site design. A one page site, for example, with a text editor would be approximately $450-500 - and you'd have to know how to FTP the files to the server on your own.

We are distributors for Word Press Blogs as well as others. A typical Word Press Blog site with standard modules is approximately 7-10 hours of work at our standard rate, with you adding all content. If you want a custom template, add another 4-5 hours. If you want us to add starter content, maybe put a gallery, calendar or newsletter capability on it, allow more. If you want a stand-alone site, include additional for hosting, setting everything up on the server and pointing the DNS (your domain information) to the new site. If we add your content, adjust accordingly.

Search Engine Optimizing We have several SEO plans to get you high in the search engine rankings. SEO is very time consuming and you'll see little gain at first, but over time your persistence will pay off. SEO is NOT included in your site build. Sometimes we'll include some rudimentary keywords or page optimization for the title page, but if you want more than that, you'll have to contract for a full SEO package. Basic optimization will help you be found, but to reach your potential it's necessary to do more detailed optimization, submissions and analytics. We can do SEO for all websites whether we designed them or not. Our rates are quite reasonable at $95/hr. and do require at least a one year subscription of 2 or more hours a month to see adequate results. Rome wasn't built in a day, and neither are natural search rankings.

Flash Elements for the page are a nice feature to add to any site. We can do entire Flash websites, or just add Flash banners or Flash movies.

Video or Interactive Media including Radio Advertising and Webcams We can do any interactive media you desire, including the set up of web cam pages on a site. True streaming media will require special hosting apart from your typical web site hosting and is considerably more expensive (starting around $50/month). Regularly updated media (updates every minute for example) or downloaded video may be able to be hosted on your regular hosting if enough bandwidth is available. Please contact us with what you have in mind.

If you have no logo, we can create one for you. We provide a free web logo with every custom website if desired. If you would like a logo that will also work in your printed advertising, we can do that too at additional cost.

Please note: We do not do spec work (building a site to see if you like it before you pay), nor do we build websites for a "cut of the profits". We don't give discounts because you are going to send us all your friends or build another website in the future. We do have a referral plan if you are interested.

Many add-ons require that your web hosting plan have specific database types or scripting languages such as Pearl, Ajax, Ruby, PHP or ASP. We prefer to choose the hosting that will work best for your website to make sure everything works properly when complete.

All work is done with a contract, 60% of the estimate is required up front for sites over $1,000 and 100% of the estimated amount for sites under $1,000. Any remainder is billed monthly as work progresses. We take Cash, Checks, Credit cards and Paypal in payment (and once in awhile, barter if it's something we need/want). So that we can plan our work schedule, we ask that you please submit your content promptly when requested. Two weeks without requested content and there is a monthly continuation fee to keep the account active. Our work is scheduled and when you don't provide what you said you would when we need it, it plays havoc with our production schedule.

We can do maintenance of your site after launch, we require a $200 retainer and work off of that at our hourly maintenance rate of $95/hr. We also have discounted plans if you need someone to take over your current site maintenance or just like reduced rates. We'd be happy to work with you.

Baby Bear Site
This might include a very simple design, a limited number of pages and basic information. It's simple, fast, and very affordable. Baby Bear websites are good starter websites - they are bare-bones and plain html and can NOT be self edited. They get you on the web fast, usually have a few photos and product descriptions, but that's all. The only true interactive feature they tend to have is a contact form and spam blocking. At most this site might utilize a very simple text editor at the high-end. Costs run anywhere from $300 - $1,000.
Mama Bear Site
The next stage of web development is a Mama Bear website - this might incorporate a CMS for self editing, style sheets, a small shopping cart or some other software integration. It may have coupons, Flash, or some other method of simple interactivity. They might include some interactive software features (such as a DJ booking system or Real Estate multi list feed), or other active content, but generally serve one basic purpose - sales, a blog, or education. Wordpress and Website Baker are very good fit for this type of website. Expect to pay between $1,500 to $5000 depending on your needs.
Papa Bear Website
Papa Bear websites meet the needs of a large or complex business model. It might use Drupal or Joomla for content management and is capable of unlimited expansion. Papa Bear websites provide an complex web of integrated general information, education, interactive capabilities and a shopping or sales experience. One such site provided over 2,000 product leaflets, another had hundreds of unique products, another comprehensive and interactive educational capabilities. These sites usually utilize some sort of mailing list use, or perhaps a forum or messaging method so visitors can communicate with one another and the site owner. A site of this size can cost from $2,800 to $15,000 - depending upon the needs of the organization.

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