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Websites We've Done

I have been creating websites for small business, specialty niche and animal sites for 12 years now and have even done a few large corporate ones as well. I have built sites with content management systems, shopping carts and e-commerce with realtime online payment systems and shipping. I've done blogs, calendars, streamed video from webcams, and built community websites with forums and databases and incorporated industry specific software. I've done sites of one page to sites of 11,000 pages. If it's possible to do, I've probably done it or something very similar.

It's not important that I've previously done a site in your industry. It's my job to build you a site that functions properly, is attractive and easy to use, and is well optimized for the search engines reguardless of industry. I find it interesting to do websites in a variety of fields. I love building websites!

Web sites that are currently on-line have a link. Some sites are no longer on line due to the fluid nature of the Internet but I left them here so you can see what I've done. This is just a small portion of the hundreds of web sites I've created and includes many of my favorites.

Michigan Prepaid Legal
This site incorporates a professional template and some nifty features including Adsense, Affiliate ads, Blog and Tag Cloud. It incorporates Youtube videos and has a mailing list sign up using Wordpress as the framework.

Lorrie the Pet Psychic

Lorrie the pet psychic needed a fun look, event calendar, Youtube video inclusion, a blog and more on this Wordpress based site.  I love the design on this one!

Traverse Bay Properties

A redesign to improve search engine results, incorporating a Content Management system for site-owner updates and a Flash banner for this Northern Michigan Real Estate Site. Maintained by owner.

Assistance Site

Dogs With Disabilities is a basic site, uses CSS and affiliate links.


This upscale salon needed something that really gave a luxurious feel so we included a little flash and lots of style. 


This is an example of a blog site.  Simple, easy to maintain with affiliate links.

Resume Site

The Resume Asylum features Google Adwords and other affiliate advertising.

Craft Store Site

The site incorporates a message board, online shopping, an art gallery, Flash, and CMS (content management system) so the owner can do most updates herself.

Collection Agency
Universal Credit Services
This credit agency wanted a specific design to match a sister site. The challenge was to match fonts, colors and style as closely as possible.  I think we succeeded.

Real Estate
A group of home developers, financiers, and real estate professionals needed collaborative site that would showcase their mutual involvement in the housing industry.

Retail Site
Michigan Stone
Michigan Stone needed an updated look - FAST.  We took over and created a new look that reflects the beautiful custom stone creations they produce. 

This was a redesigned site that incorporated a simple gallery and optimized SEO.

Quilting Provider
Trenary Quilting
The artist owner felt bright colors best illustrated her quilt designs. Using simple ecommerce and PayPal payment option allowed purchase of products online.

Online Sales Site
Utilizes Paypal's pro shopping cart which has an on-line submission system for custom orders .

Manufacturer's Site
Detroit Paper Tube
Built to be very search engine friendly and for the purpose of increasing paper tube sales it uses cascading style sheets and a custom built template.

Dog Breeder Site
O'Mal Alaskan Malamutes
My original site has gone through many transformations and uses dynamic content, Flash, an active forum, cookies, polls, web cam, & more to keep visitor interest. It currently is set up for viewing on cell phones as well. It has an almost 90% contact rate and is well represented in many search engines. Some pages have been translated into other languages.

Corporate Site
HyperX USA
A large international website that features a specific product line available in the US, so needed a distinctly US feel, but had to blend with the French corporate site. It features information and photos as well as drawings describing product lines. It is currently under the administration of it's owner.


A taste for health incorporates a content management system with a simple add on shopping cart and robust mailing list maintenance program. The owner can update, change and create pages.

Puppy Milk Org features a classified ad section and RSS feed as well as major SEO (Search engine) optimization for maximum exposure.

Happy Hounds
Redesigned Happy Hounds keeping the webcams & look the same but incorporating a content management system and new photo gallery allows owner updates as well as online response forms


French Voyageur uses a full-featured Content Management System (CMS). Totally self-editable, with features such as calendar or forum added by way of modules.

Art Glass Site

Beautiful Glass is a standards compliant site featuring a Paypal payment link, photos and CSS styles selling custom stained glass art.

Redone with a sophisticated new look, this site uses open source Zen Cart as the shopping cart and is optimized for wide screen monitors.

Disc Jockey Site
Mobile Rhythm used a pre-existing Flash entry from classic sites below for a cost effective solution with lots of pizzazz.  This DJ site incorporates contact forms and lots of photos.

Rental Property Site

Davidio Guest House
Davidio Guest House used Flash enhanced web site features a vacation resort property in Michigan. Simple and elegant in design, with lots of photos.

Pet walker site Doggone Lonely Dog sitters
This is an incredibly fun site that used custom graphics throughout as well as a fun Flash intro. Regretfully, the owner has decided to pursue other interests, but the site is still one of my favorites.

PinPal Awareness Jewelry
Pinpal featured a unique kind of jewelry and needed a professional yet friendly and warm feel. This site also utilizes Paypal as it's shopping cart.

Dog Rescue
Chesapeake Area Alaskan Malamute Protection
CHAAMP, a non-profit for rescuing arctic dogs features Flash Navigation, custom graphics and required a friendly arctic feel.  It features a Contribute content management system and Paypal donation capability.

Geneology Site
Henry Family Geneology
This geneology site will eventually house photos and geneology of the Henry family in Kentucky.  It will eventually have a full family history, family tree and many photos.

Roofing Company
F. O'Malley & Sons Co.
An industrial roofing contractor, this is a good example of a general purpose informational site.  It features basic information, company information and a contact form

Community Site

This is a templated site, with customized colors and a new logo for a new look - economical yet functional. It also incorporates a backend database so rescues can add their own information with approval of the webmaster.

Craft Supplier Site
The Froggy Stitcher
The Froggy Stitcher used Comersus, an ASP open source shopping cart that tracks inventory with no limit to the number of products. It also has great features such as a wish list, newsletter, survey form, and more.

Double Trouble Boer Goat Ranch
Double Trouble showcases a breeding program for Boer Goats - a specialty type of goat used for food. It features a content management system and custom graphics. It was #3 in Google one month after launch.

This is a Word Press blog site, with a lot of bells and whistles, but will be used to sell affiliate products for cats and cat owners.

Pug Rescue Network

Pug Rescue Network was a total rebuild - keeping the basic design but changing all the backend coding. A very complex site with several databases, tracking,, a rescue dog tracking system, gallery, affiliates, Google adsense, and more.

Shelby Veterinary
Shelby Veterinary clinic caters to Exotics and Family Pets. Basic static site done in html for easy editing.


This dog breeder site includes a CMS for self editing and photo gallery. This site is under the administration of it's owner.

Dog Groomer Site

Barking Lot is a grooming shop that needed an updated look and a few coupons.  Simple yet elegant.

Horse Rehab Site
Nature's Rehab LLC
Nature's Rehab got an updated look, a new events calendar and a more horsey feel.  We will be adding a content management system for easy updates by the owner.

Pet Retail Store

Swamp Puppy Designs
Swamp Puppy is an online specialty store with shopping cart and merchant account connected to Cafe Press for a simple and fast eCommerce solution.

Party Service
Fantasy Tea Parties
A home-based business by a busy mom, this delightfully pretty site featured a unique castle graphic, submission form, pdfs, and falling snowflakes.

Photography Site
Todd Photography
Todd Photography required a sophisticated feel and incorporated hundreds of photos. My favorite page is the Weddings page....

Real Estate Referral Service
Features local information and contact form.

Jewelry sales
N Fisher Designs
Specializing in Dichronic Glass Jewelry so beautiful it was important the site reflected it's elegant beauty as well as provide a simple e-commerce solution.  

Online Sales
Wrappers-N-More Candy Wrappers
A home-based business, this site offers thousands of products but had to be pared down to just a few to stay within budget. It also utilizes custom graphics and rollover buttons.

Designer Site
Alaskan Shadow Animal Site Designs
is devoted primarily to animal web sites. Animal sites require a special warmth and style as well as humor.

A Group Networking site featuring an easy Content Management System, Event Calendar & Google Adsense in a "retro" style

Nail Chewers is an informational site with affiliate links.

Fun site

A fun and whimsical seasonal Christmas website.

Tack Resale Establishment

Tack n Trinkets resale shop sports a product photo album and content management system for user updates and a Flash masthead.

Dog Handler Site

This is a site for my husband's professional handling business.  It includes a custom logo and classic design, created with style sheets and a custom template.



Classic websites are custom designs we've done that are in mint condition and immediately available for your content. They just didn't get used for the original project, so are available for immediate licensing at a reduced rate. If you don't see what you need, ask us, we might have it in the back room. If you see something you like, you'll save a few bucks.

(restaurant design #001)

(nature design #004)

(adventure design #006)

(simple design #010)

(medical design #012)

(display design #014)

(cloud design #404)

(gym design #021)

(bakery design #019)

(Lodge - (Moose Lodge #224)

(wedding design #002)

(architecture design #005)

(media design #008)

(photography design #011)

(speaker design #013)

(jazzy design - Flash #202)

(Christmas - #416)

(Ranch #111) America
(dog breeder design - Flash #203)

(Plaid #417)


(contractor design #009)

(winter design #015)
(backgrounds change in IE)

(small shop design #003)

(circus design #006)

(dance - #155)
(flower shop design #016)
This site includes a full-featured shopping cart and can be linked to a merchant account.

(Cash - #117)
(scuba shop design #018)

(farm design #020)


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Our support doesn't end when your site is complete. We are always here to answer questions about your site, it's hosting, domain and take care of your website maintenance needs. We offer several outstanding and inexpensive plans to keep your site up-to-date. We'll let you know when software updates become available to protect your site from hackers and malware.
Development will progress at a pace you feel comfortable with. We want your input and include you in the site development process so that it becomes your very own. There are mainly two phases to creating your site. The design phase where we create the design and it's unique look and feel, and the development phase where we configure the software and code in the content.
Our strategy is to get you found on the search engines as fast and effectively as possible. We use Style Sheets, Google site maps, follow Accessibility standards, and use every legitimate SEO technique to improve your search engine rankings, while still giving you a user friendly, attractive site.

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