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Located in Trenary, MI 49891 in the UP

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Web Site Maintenance

Maintenance is important to the success of your website. O'Malley Web Design has been building and maintaining websites for over 12 years and is the best choice for cost-effective site maintenance and repairs. We take care of everything so you can worry about what you do best - your business. We can back up and maintain any site - whether we built it or someone else did. We also do copywriting and editing, as well as repairs to links and software based websites. Every time we do an edit to your site we:

  • Test it, making sure it works and looks great
  • Keep a backup copy
  • Provide you a detailed invoice
  • Email communication 7 days a week
  • Friendly, personal service
Some of the things we can do for your website:
  • Add Photos, Text, Graphics
  • Calendar and event updates
  • Product updates on pages or in a shopping cart
  • News and Upcoming Events
  • Copywriting and Keyword Improvements
  • RSS Web Feeds
  • Add Analytics code so you can track visitors
  • Search Engine Optimization (SEO)
  • XML Site Maps, Robots.txt files to keep search engines out of specific areas
  • Update announcements, articles, page content
  • Fix broken links, add or remove links
  • Add new features such as a blog, calendar, or shopping cart
  • Repair damaged and broken pages
  • Restore existing backups
  • Repair hacked and virus infested sites
  • Add Affiliate links and Google Adsense so your site can pay YOU

Standard Maintenance Plans

All Inclusive Plan. Includes ANY work that needs to be done including work the other plans do not cover (ie: repairing a hacked or compromised website, Programming, Repairs to the Interface, etc.).  This plan requires a $1,500 retainer and all work receives priority treatment.  If your site is critical and you require instant response in an emergency, this is the plan for you. The retainer is good for 1 year after which it renews with a new retainer whether used or not. This plan can be used for standard edits and SEO as well. 

The following plans do NOT cover the following:  Repairing a hacked or compromised website, Programming, Repairs to the Interface, restoring a database or files, Security or Software upgrades.  For extensive work or e-commerce, or work that requires purchase of software for the site, payment will be required in advance. 

Backup only plan.  Includes monthly back up of all files and databases for your site(s).  The amount will be billed monthly in advance and cost for this service is guaranteed to remain the same for one year, after which it may be subject to price increases.  The monthly amount required to backup your site(s)  at our standard hourly rate of $95/hr. varies according to number of files and databases to backup (ask for an estimate) and includes back up of all photos, files, databases so a current backup will be available should it be needed to restore the website.  It does not include restoring those files nor repairs to the interface or database which is additional should files need restoration.

Our Most Popular Plans:

Papa Bear Plan
Monthly Subscription
  • Monthly fee
  • any overages billed
  • hours don't roll over
  • best hourly rate
  • changes in 48 hrs

Need constant changes? Here's our best deal if you have a lot of work. You sign up for a set amount of hours each month via a subscription. In doing so, our hourly rate is drastically reduced from our regular rate - only $65/hr. The hours are not rolled over to the next month, it is "use it or lose it".

Work is billed to the account in 15 minute increments. We can also adjust the amount of hours up or down every 6 months. If you go over in a month, you will be billed for the overage.

Small changes are often done in 48 hours, but it also depends on the nature of the updates how soon we can get to them. Many clients will collect up their changes and we'll do one big update a week.

Mama Bear Plan
Prepaid services plan
  • Prepaid retainer
  • any overages billed
  • reduced hourly rate
  • changes in 72 hrs
  • 1 year to use retainer

If you do updates every month, this might work better for you. You'll get a better hourly rate too. It works like this: You contract with us to do your updates, send us a retainer that is equal to several hours of work - usually around $500.

We contract to do your work as you send it, billing in 15 minute increments per request, at a reduced hourly rate of $75/hr. When the retainer is close to being used up, we'll let you know so there will be no delays the next time you need a change. You have up to a year to use the retainer up.

This is a preferred maintenance plan and you'll get faster service. Work is usually done within 72 hours during the business week, but can take up to a week if we're exceptionally busy.

Baby Bear Plan
Pay as you go plan
  • Estimated up front
  • standard rate
  • any overages billed
  • changes in a week
  • no contract required

This is what many of our customers use when they only need updates occasionally. We charge our normal hourly rate $95/hr and estimate the amount needed before starting any work.

You will need to make a minimum payment before we change anything. We bill in 1/2 hour increments off the initial payment and it will have to be refilled before we'll go further. If the changes turn out to be more than anticipated, we'll bill the difference. It may take up to a week to get changes done, based on our workload, but is usually sooner.

All website clients are automatically in this plan when their site is complete.

Why use our maintenance services?

It's like having an expert on-staff whenever you need one. Fast turnaround - with simple requests done the same day. It's cost-effective and websites with current information get better search results. We provide professional edits - your website maintains it's look and quality.

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