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Comparing ecommerce shopping carts is often like comparing apples and oranges - both taste great but different.   Locally hosted cart software is stored on your own server and usually is a one-time purchase and not monthly payments as in the case of software hosted remotely. The major advantages of purchasing your own shopping cart software is flexibility and control over the way your estore looks and works, though this will require development to make it look and process orders like you'd like it to.  However, once the cart is set up, you can usually add and remove products yourself, and maintainance of your estore is usually an occasional update.  


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eCommerce Websites

E-commerce is basically selling products and/or services and processing payments over the Internet. E-commerce is short for Electronic Commerce. You've seen pages that you can click on buttons to "add to cart" and then use a credit card or PayPal to pay for purchases on the Internet - that's e-commerce!

How an Online Store Works

When we provide you a shopping cart quote, we need to know the size and type of store, the products you will be selling and how you want to get paid. One of the most important concepts when you build an online store is the determination of product categories.

A shopping cart is set up to make you think of virtual aisles in a store. A store will place products in these aisles.

The customer browses through these aisles on the Internet looking for the product that interests them most. Most websites have a way to search for products sold in the store. When they find what they want, they can add it to their virtual shopping cart.

When they are finished shopping, they can go to the checkout page where they provide their shipping information and payment details. The software verifies the payment, completes the sale, and provides the customer with an invoice or purchase confirmation.

As orders are placed, you receive e-mail messages confirming/informing you that a transaction has taken place in your store. You can then connect to the server and download the orders.

Database Development

Integrating a database into your web site is where real power and functionality come into play. In small shopping carts, the database is hosted by the company providing the shopping cart - such as a Paypal cart or Mals-E. This is a very reasonably priced solution for a small business and is less expensive to build. However, this does limit the number of products you can sell, potential option choices (ie: sizes, colors, style) and method of payment. Most stores with more than a few products will want a database solution. Databases aren't just for keeping track of items in the shopping cart - they can be used for an infinite number of things - event calendars, names and addresses, articles, wishlists, and more.

How do I Sell My Products or Services On-line?

Every client's needs and expectations are different, therefore solutions will be different based on the products/services being sold, the number of products or services offered, how the product/service is delivered, managing of inventory, the end-user demographic and how payments are collected.

There are many ways to approach an E-commerce development so once we find out your needs, we can choose an ecommerce solution to fit your needs. The actual cost of the online shopping cart will vary depending on the number of products, payment method, cart requirements, and extra features required.

What can you do for me?

We can help you choose the most cost-effective solution based on your needs -vs.- budget. It may be a fully integrated merchant account data based store that can perform inventory for thousands of items, or a simple "free" cart attached to Paypal. Whatever your situation, we can help you to determine the best one for your needs, and implement it.

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How eCommerce Works

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