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It's all thanks to Cindy O'Malley, the website designer/developer. If any of you ever need help with a new site or fixing an old one, talk to Cindy! She works fast, she's thorough, and she's patient with those of us who don't understand how it works. (She's also good at giving distracted coordinators a gentle nudge when necessary!) Lezlie Crosswhite
I just took a look at the website. It looks awesome! You did just an awesome job of rewriting everything I wanted to say and more. Thank you so very much. - Barb Salvadore

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subs. of C O'Malley & Associates LLC

Located in Trenary, MI 49891 in the UP

Phone: (517) 518-6088


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Cindy O'Malley has been designing and developing websites since 1998. Her company has been in existence since 2003 catering to small and medium businesses that desire a professional, yet creative web presence. Her web construction experience includes graphic design, site configuration and project management.

She held the position of head developer and designer at a multi-national corporation before deciding to create her own company. She was constantly applying new technologies to improve interactivity and enjoyed staying ahead of the curve in design. As web project manager/designer she had considerable freedom to develop user-friendly sites with a clean "look and feel" that increased client contact and sales, receiving positive reviews from customers and associates alike. She is now able to use that experience with the web sites she designs for her own company.

A self-taught techie, she has built several PC's from scratch, and is tech support to several local businesses and individuals.Her interests include security and networking, internet video and graphic design.

She is also an experienced Flash Developer producing television show introductions for a local Cable Provider (SWOCC Studios).She particularly enjoys Flash development for the creativity and excitement it creates.

Cindy is accomplished in creating dynamic websites that incorporate software for ecommerce, blogs, forums, that use PHP, ASP and Javascript. She has created Content Management websites using Website Baker, Drupal, Joomla, Wordpress, Contribute, and dynamic websites using market specific software such as Open Realty and Animal Shelter Management Software. Ecommerce sites utilize a variety of software including Zen Cart, OSCommerce, Paypal and Google Checkout. She uses the most current web developjment techniques and is knowledgeable about web marketing and SEO (Search Engine Optimizing) and SEM (Search Engine Marketing). She has considerable experience copywriting for the web.

She lives with her husband and has two daughters in college. They breed and show Alaskan Malamute dogs as a family hobby.


Cindy holds a degree in the Arts, but is self-taught in Web Design using Web-Based on-line Classes/Tutorials to further her ongoing knowledge of web development.Fields she has studied include PHP, JavaScript, Flash, DHTML, ASP, CGI, Database design, Web design accessibility and useability, Graphic art for the web and other disciplines from Macromedia,, Bravenet, Microsoft, Netscape, Dynamic Drive, HTML Writers Guild, Web Monkey, ZD Net, JavaScript Source, Web Reference, Dell U, and other Internet sources as well as books and publications too numerous to mention. my messy office

School Craft College
Macomb County Community College

Cindy belongs to several professional associations with graphic designers, other web developers and programmers. Her home studio consists of state-of-the art equipment including a windows computer network, a high-speed Business Grade Internet connection and digital video and sound support.

Support doesn't end when your site is complete. We are always here to answer questions about your site, it's hosting, domain and take care of your website maintenance needs. We offer several outstanding and inexpensive plans to keep your site up-to-date. We'll let you know when software updates become available to protect your site from hackers and malware.
Development will progress at a pace you feel comfortable with. We want your input and include you in the site development process so that it becomes your very own. There are mainly two phases to creating your site. The design phase where we create the design and it's unique look and feel, and the development phase where we configure the software and code in the content.
Our strategy is to get you found on the search engines as fast and effectively as possible. We use Style Sheets, Google site maps, follow Accessibility standards, and use every legitimate SEO technique to improve your search engine rankings, while still giving you a user friendly, attractive site.


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