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Upscale Your Website with Flash

Flash can enhance your website in ways unimaginable. Your customers can interact with visually stunning movies and animations. With Flash animations, the mundane becomes the sublime. Flash banners are an essential part of advertising too - capturing attention as no other media can. Our Flash animations are original and custom made for each client.

Many companies use Flash to enhance their user's experience and create unique, interactive websites that brand their companies in style. A Flash website - or even a Flash sequence embedded in a website can do just about anything. Companies that want to stand above the crowd, and appreciate good design tend to use Flash in their headers and for illustrating important points in their sales presentations.

And some really good news! Flash is no longer penalized by search engines. Flash can now be indexed almost as well as a static website, so if you want that all Flash website or large banner, go for it!

We are a leader in Flash development, and have done many sites using this interactive and desirable media. Engage your audience with audio-visual materials that will not be ignored. Upscale your website to attract a more discerning customer. Need examples of Flash?, and a couple of our own and which are also CMS websites (which means the site owner can do most of the content updates themselves). We also install and configure prefab Flash with XML which has two benefits - keeping your costs down and allowing you to make some changes without knowing Flash. Whether you need something unique for your website, or materials for a trade show, our presentations can provide the brand and style you need, even incorporating Flash animations onto CD or DVD.

  • Full Flash sites
  • Flash components
  • Photo Galleries
  • Training and Product Demos
  • Sales & Trade show Presentations
  • Software Demos
  • Autorun Videos for CD Rom or DVD
  • Website banners & entire Flash websites
  • Advertising banners
  • Web video & audio

We also do Powerpoint to Flash conversion, Podcasts, and all types of multimedia for your web site.


Flash Design Prices

Please keep in mind that these are rough price estimates, as the length of a Flash animation is only one small aspect of the entire work. Contact us to request a custom quote for your Flash project! Completion time will be dependent on complexity.

Flash Intro Page or Large Animation

Delivery format: Flash SWF & HTML

  • 30 second animation: $300-800
  • 45 seconds animation: $900-1,300

Total Flash Website

An entire website done in Flash is good for protecting copyrighted materials. Actual cost will depend on the complexity and how much Flash is used throughout the site. Call for estimate.

Flash Banners or Mastheads

  • Fade in fade out with 2-5 photos $350-$500
  • Simple morph $200-$350
  • Simple moving animation $350-$900*

*Artwork or photos provided by client

Flash Presentation

Delivery format: Flash SWF, EXE & HTM

  • 60 second animation: $1,300-2,500
  • 2 minute animation: $2,500-3,500

Flash Menus

Delivery format Flash SWF & HTML

  • 4-7 Links with rollovers $1,500
  • 7-10 Links with rollovers $2,500
  • Basic Slide in/out menu $2,500
  • Sound on/off button for music/mp3 w/rollover $350

Flash Presentation on CD/DVD Autorun, menu, pages with links to information (either powerpoint, Flash or some other media)

  • Master CD/DVD setup $700-$2,500
  • Copies $3/ea. for CD or $5/ea. for DVD

Action Scripted Flash Interactive

Actual cost will depend on the complexity and how much Actionscripting is used to create the Interactive as well as whether it is custom work or if prebuilt components are available for use in the sequence.

The SWF, EXE and the HTML code are all you need in order to put your animation online OR use it on a CD-Rom or DVD. You may also buy the source file for your animation. The reason we do not include it in the estimate by default is because most clients have no use for it and it only increases the total price.

We can edit existing Flash websites and animations IF you have the FLA files. The client must have copyright ownership.

Flash Enabled Websites

Flash development uses a programming language called "Actionscript". The programming manipulates imported images to create the overall effect.

It can be used to fade photos in and out in it's simplest form all the way to complex navigation menus. While Flash is generally called a "Movie" it is really so much more!

It can be interactive such as in a game where it can take you down several potential interactive paths. It has buttons you can push, things happen based on cursor movement, videos play based on previous selections. Flash uses complex animations, including photographs, to create an entire "environment" for your website.
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