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What is a CMS?

A CMS or Content Management System is a program installed into your website that allows you to make changes yourself. If you can use Word or some other Word Processing program, you can update your website!

There are many different types of CMS' - some are quite simple and only allow you to change specific text on certain pages. Other are very full featured allowing you to change photos, text, add and remove pages, add and remove links and even include other features such as calendars, blogs, or forums. The type of CMS you'll want will depend on your computer knowledge and just what you plan to do with your website. It also has to be installable on whatever hosting you want to use.

There are a plethora of CMS systems out there - some good, some not so good. The easiest to use are those that have a WYSIWYG editor (what you see is what you get). Most allow you to change fonts, colors, photos, and links without accidentally messing up the underlying code outside the editable area. This means you can change text, pictures, and headings, but you can't change the design, programming or tags.

They do have limitations however: Most cannot edit dynamic pages used for shopping carts or generated from databases. And a small warning - you CAN mess up the look of the page by using inappropriate fonts and styles, or trying to change a page drastically. Occasionally clients will accidentally get fonts too big or pictures floating in the wrong places! Some CMS programs even have an "undo" feature that saves the previous changes in case you accidentally delete something unintentionally. A few CMS systems have backup modules that make backups to your site easily and painlessly so if you ever have any kind of major disaster, you'll have a current backup.

For typical text and photo changes, a CMS installed initially when we build your site can save you a bundle. It's somewhat more expensive to install as an afterthought or on an existing site and you won't get all the bells and whistles available with a full-fledged CMS.

We can recommend a CMS that will fit your needs quite reasonably. If you anticipate regular updates or changes to your website, you will get that back in only a few weeks of use.

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Content Management

Basic content management systems allow you to change text and photos. Some allow you to add pages, delete pages, modify and add tables, change links, save back up copies, allow you to view the page before uploading, edit in WYSIWYG and more. Contact us for package costs & installation prices. A CMS is NOT included automatically in a new website build. Most can be added to an existing website with some modifications (depending on how the site was built). Ideally, you'll want to include it as your new site is being built for best results.

A standard CMS uses a custom built template for the entire site that it pulls from, for each page. Each page will look the same for continuity throughout the site. If you would like a different picture or style on other pages (such as an intro page and inside pages) it requires a different template. Each custom template must be created, tested, packaged, coded, uploaded, unpacked, installed and retested separately as if it were its own website. (that’s before any content is even put on the site). A typical CMS website with one custom template and a couple of basic “modules” (ie: a form, a gallery) will run around $1,000-2,000 depending the complexity of the template, and specific CMS used. We will set you up with some initial content to get you started, and from there you can add your own pages and change or add your own content.

The software can be customized extensively and your site will not look like the demo. The demo is for functionality demonstration purposes only so will not look like your customized final version. Take a test drive and see which CMS you'd like us to install and customize for you.

  • Easy Edit Pro <--can be added to most existing websites quite reasonably
  • Contribute 3 uses software installed on your local machine - no demo available
  • Word Press <--DEMO site (frontend) DEMO (backend) Login with: admin password: demo
  • Flyspeck <---DEMO Log in with: admin password: admin
  • Drupal <--- DEMO Login with: admin password: demo
  • Website Baker <-- DEMO (frontend) DEMO (backend) Login backend with: admin password: demo123

Full Site Management & Portal Software

Full site management software goes beyond allowing you to just make your own photo and text edits. With these powerful content management systems you can include a plethera of modules to do just about anything - from calendars to syndicated news, banners, mailings, link managers, statistics, FAQs, polls, info categorization, form generators, documents, community-content and document sharing, search, watch-site, blogging, thread control, password protection, importing, menus, date based content, various languages, and even shopping carts and forums. Contact us for package install costs and customization prices. The software can be customized extensively and your site will not look like the demo. The demo is for functionality demonstration purposes only.

Looking for a Simple Editor for your existing website?

Ok, you don't need anything as elaborate as dynamic pages and fancy calendars. You have a simple website and just want to make your own changes to text and photos. Let us build you a website with Easy Edit Pro. Easy Edit Pro does everything you need to maintain your website's pages. A powerful yet easy editing tool for your website. Log in to the administrative page and make changes to your website as easily as using Word or Word Perfect (actually it's easier!). Each user gets a log in user and password, and can make changes to specified pages within the site.

  • Edit from any computer over the Internet (no programs to install on your computer)
  • Change fonts, styles, center, cut n' paste, indent, number, justify, bookmarks, tables and more.
  • Add links
  • Change text and images
  • Upload images
  • Have different levels of access (such as more access for the boss, and limited access for employees)
  • Edit entire pages or parts of pages
  • See the page as you are editing them
  • Preview before saving to the web
  • Edit using WYSIWYG editor or HTML code
  • Creates standards compliant code
  • Won't allow you to mess up programming or design code

Need more information? Give us a call at 517-518-6088.

These are just a few examples of Content Management Systems we can install and customize for your website. Contact us for more information and we'd be happy to give you an estimate.

Our support doesn't end when your CMS site is complete. We are always here to answer questions about your site, it's hosting, domain and take care of your website update needs. It's important to keep your site up-to-date with security improvements and feature updates. We offer several outstanding and inexpensive plans to keep your site current. We'll let you know when software updates become available to protect your site from hackers and malware.
Training & Development
We want your input and include you in the site development process and can provide training when the site is complete so that you can make any changes you'd like to text or photos. There are mainly two phases to creating your site. The design phase where we create the design and it's unique look and feel, and the development phase where we configure the software and code in the content. If you like, we can add a training phase to help you understand how to use your site to the fullest.
Our strategy is to get you found on the search engines as fast and effectively as possible. We use CMS software that is search engine friendly. We use Style Sheets, Google site maps, follow Accessibility standards, and use every legitimate SEO technique to improve your search engine rankings, while still giving you a user friendly, attractive site that's easy to use.

Why a CMS website?

All size corporations and small businesses that want a website they can control use Content Management in various ways. With a CMS website you'll have control over editing, updates, even adding and removing pages in many cases. It will be more interactive (a BIG plus) than a typical flat website and will have built in SEO.

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